Famous American YouTuber Darren Jason Watkins Jr., also known as IShowSpeed or simply Speed, is a big fan of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. The online streamer has never shied away from expressing his admiration for the 35-year-old star batter. Speed recently introduced the former Indian captain to Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The 19-year-old had an interaction with the former AC Milan and Manchester United striker and had a chucklesome conversation with him regarding Kohli. In a video that is now going viral on the internet, Speed can be heard asking Ibrahimovic, “Do you know Virat Kohli?”

Ibrahimovic admitted that he did not know Virat Kohli, and this forced IShowSpeed to show a picture of the Indian batter to the ex-Barcelona footballer. That also did not do the trick, as Ibrahimovic failed to recognise Kohli. This surprised Speed, who reacted in utter astonishment, saying, “You don’t know Virat Kohli? You never seen him before?” Responding to this, Ibrahimovic said, “I have never seen cricket in my life. Not being disrespectful, but no.”

Referring to Kohli, IShowSpeed then went on to add, “He’s a GOAT (greatest of all time). He’s the GOAT.” Noticing IShowSpeed’s interest in the game, Zlatan curiously asked, “So you like cricket also?” To which IShowSpeed replied, “Yes, I do. He’s the GOAT in different aspect.”

IShowSpeed had a similar kind of interaction with legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo Nazario before. Speed showed a picture of Virat Kohli and said, “He is the best; he is better than Babar Azam.” Having seen the picture, Ronaldo instantly identified the Indian stalwart. This impressed Speed, who remarked in sheer ecstasy, “Yeah, he is the GOAT.”

IShowSpeed had turned up at Nassau County in New York to witness the much-anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 match between India and Pakistan last month. Speed, who was spotted in the stands wearing a Team India jersey, was utterly disappointed to see Kohli return to the dressing room after scoring four runs off three balls.

The outcome of that game, however, went in India’s favour, with the Rohit Sharma-led side emerging victorious by six runs. The Indian cricket team remained unbeaten at the T20 World Cup and got the better of South Africa in the final to win the title for the second time.

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