Zombie anime has carved out its own unique niche in the broader zombie genre. While it hasn't reached the sheer volume of live-action zombie horrors, the variety and creativity in anime promise exciting developments in the future. Whether it's through a gory apocalypse or a comedic twist, zombie anime offers something for everyone. Here’s a list of the 10 best zombie anime you can watch right now.

1. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Image Courtesy: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Official Website

"Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" is a standout from the Summer 2023 anime lineup. It critiques Japanese work culture and the existential dread felt by Millennials and Zoomers. Akira Tendo, feeling dead inside from his oppressive job, finds freedom in a zombie-ridden world, using the apocalypse to pursue his dreams and tick off items from his bucket list.

2. Zombie Land Saga

Image Courtesy: Zombie Land Saga Official X (formerly Twitter) account

"Zombie Land Saga" blends the idol genre with zombie comedy. Sakura Minamoto dreams of becoming a pop idol but meets an untimely death. Revived as a zombie by Kotaro Tatsumi, she joins an undead idol group to revive Saga prefecture’s entertainment scene. The group hides their true nature while chasing their dreams from beyond the grave.

3. Black Butler: Book Of The Atlantic

Image Courtesy: Black Butler: Book Of The Atlantic Official Website

"Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic" is essential for fans of the series. Set in late Victorian England, Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler Sebastian board the ship Campania to investigate the Aurora Society's unethical experiments, including reanimating the dead. They must handle a zombie outbreak on the high seas.

4. Ajin

Image Courtesy: Ajin Official X (formerly Twitter) account

"Ajin" offers a unique twist on the zombie genre. Ajins are humans who cannot die and possess regenerative powers. Protagonist Nagai Kei discovers he is an Ajin and becomes a target for government experiments. He strikes a deal to fight the rogue Ajin Satou in exchange for his freedom, leading to a gritty and intense narrative.

5. Sankarea: Undying Love

Image Courtesy: Sankarea: Undying Love Official X (formerly Twitter) account

"Sankarea" combines romantic comedy with supernatural horror. High schooler Chihiro Furuya accidentally turns his classmate Rea Sanka into a zombie with a resurrection potion. Despite her undead status, Rea maintains her humanity by eating hydrangea leaves. The series explores their unusual relationship and the challenges of navigating their half-existence.

6. School-Live! (2015)

Image Courtesy: School-Live! (2015) Official Website

"School-Live!" starts as a cute schoolgirl anime before revealing its post-apocalyptic zombie setting. The characters try to maintain a semblance of normal life while surviving in a world overrun by zombies. This contrast between adorable animation and grim reality creates a unique viewing experience.

7. The Empire Of Corpses

Image Courtesy: The Empire Of Corpses Official X (formerly Twitter) account

"The Empire of Corpses" is set in an alternate 18th-century England where Victor Frankenstein's discoveries lead to the widespread use of reanimated corpses for manual labor. Protagonist John Watson is tasked with finding Frankenstein's notes to reanimate a corpse with a soul. This unique plot and the inclusion of historical and literary figures make for a compelling watch.

8. Zombie-Loan

Image Courtesy: Zombie-Loan Official Website

"Zombie-Loan" follows Chika and Shito, zombies who must hunt other zombies to pay off their debt to the company that resurrected them. Joined by Michiru, who can see when a person is about to die, the trio navigates their dangerous world in this short but engaging series.

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Image Courtesy: Tokyo Ghoul Official Website

"Tokyo Ghoul" follows Ken Kaneki, a college student turned human-ghoul hybrid after an organ transplant. Forced to eat human flesh to survive, Kaneki struggles to maintain his humanity while hiding his true nature. The series explores themes of identity and morality as ghouls are hunted by humans.

10. GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack

Image Courtesy: TYO: Tokyo Fish Attack Official Website

"GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack" is a bizarre and surreal zombie anime based on a manga by Junji Ito. Undead fish with metal legs attack Tokyo, spreading an infectious disease. Protagonist Kaori searches for her missing boyfriend amidst the chaos, resulting in a weird and disturbing narrative.

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