Although Cody Rhodes has concluded his feud with Roman Reigns by defeating him at WrestleMania 40, his storyline with The Rock remains unresolved. On the first night of WrestleMania 40, Cody and Seth Rollins were defeated by The Rock and Roman Reigns, with The Rock pinning Cody. Since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating The Final Boss's arrival in WWE.

Rumors suggest that WWE is planning a match between The Rock and Cody Rhodes, but the timing remains uncertain. Recently, the WWE Undisputed Champion spoke about The Rock's return to WWE on The Pivot Podcast and also discussed his relationship with Seth Rollins.

Cody Rhodes on The Rock’s WWE return and his relationship with Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes commented on The Rock's potential WWE return, saying, "My head has been on a swivel every day since the day after WrestleMania, waiting for that music to hit. I'll be 100% in the same spot I was, and I'll be ready for him." While no official date has been set for The Rock's return, Rhodes is optimistic it could be soon: "If I had to guess, I hope it happens within the next year." (Credit: "The Pivot Podcast" and Wrestling Inc)

Fans are eagerly waiting for the epic clash between The Final Boss and the American Nightmare. Reports suggest this match could take place on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas. Recently, The Rock referred to the potential match as "the biggest match of all time" slated for April. Given the ongoing rivalry between The Bloodline 2.0 and Cody Rhodes, it's safe to assume that this feud will culminate in a final showdown between The Final Boss and the American Nightmare.

On the podcast, Cody Rhodes also discussed his relationship with Seth Rollins, stating, "Seth is one that I was not friends with at all. After you wrestle a match with a completely torn pec against somebody like that in a dangerous setting like Hell in a Cell, you almost have to leave with a love for him."

Cody also recounted an incident where his bus caught on fire. He said, "Huge fireball on my bus, I'm certain it's going to burn down. The first bus I ran to was [Seth's], like a little kid just watching through the window. He's been my guide since I came back to WWE. Love, love Seth."

Currently, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins are busy with their storylines and are preparing for SummerSlam 2024. Both men experienced losses at Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins was defeated by Damian Priest in the World Title match, and Cody was defeated by The Bloodline while teaming up with Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

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