Actress Hina Khan, currently battling stage three breast cancer, has shared a powerful message about embracing her scars as signs of progress. Taking to Instagram, Hina posted a series of photos in which she’s dressed in an electric pink racerback top paired with black bottoms. In the selfies, she smiles and flashes a victory sign. 

Hina's latest post on Instagram

“What do you see in this Picture? The Scars on my body or the Hope in my Eyes? The scars are mine, I embrace them with love because they're the first sign of the Progress I deserve,” Hina captioned the post. She expressed that she is manifesting her healing journey. “The Hope in my Eyes is the reflection of my Soul, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am manifesting my healing. And I am praying for yours too. #SacredNotScared #DaddysStrongGirl.” 

Hina Khan chopped off her hair before chemotherapy

On July 4, Hina decided to let go of her "beautiful hair before it starts falling off" due to chemotherapy. She shared a heartfelt reel of her getting a haircut, revealing her decision to proactively manage the emotional toll of hair loss. Hina, who announced her diagnosis on June 28, wrote: “You can hear my mother's wailing voice in Kashmiri (blessing me) in the background as she prepared herself to witness something she never dared to imagine. Not all of us have the same tools at our disposal to manage heartbreaking emotions.” 

Addressing others going through similar battles, Hina continued: “To all the beautiful people out there, especially women who are fighting the same battle, I know it's hard, I know for most of us, our hair is the crown we never take off. But what if you're facing a battle so tough that you have to lose your hair - your pride, your crown?” 

“And I choose to win. I have decided to give myself every chance possible to win this battle. I choose to let go of my beautiful hair before it starts falling off. I didn't want to endure this mental breakdown for weeks,” she added. Hina also mentioned that she plans to use her own hair to make a wig for this phase of her life. 

When Hina announced her breast cancer diagnosis

On June 28, Hina announced her breast cancer diagnosis on social media. The actress posted a note that read: "Hello Everyone, To address the recent rumour, I want to share some important news with all the Hinaholics and everyone who loves and cares for me. I have been diagnosed with Stage Three Breast Cancer. Despite this challenging diagnosis, I want to reassure everyone that I am doing well. I am strong, determined, and fully committed to overcoming this disease. My treatment has already begun, and I am ready to do everything necessary to emerge from this even stronger. I kindly ask for your respect and privacy during this time. I deeply appreciate your love, strength, and blessings. Your personal experiences, anecdotes, and supportive suggestions would mean the world to me as I navigate this journey. I, along with my family and loved ones, remain focused, determined, and positive. With the grace of the Almighty, we believe I will overcome this challenge and be completely healthy. Please send your prayers, blessings, and love. Love, Hina.” 

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