Trust Korean dramas to present the most bizarre plots with strong conviction. Call it their superpower, but K-dramas have cracked the code for supernatural, mystical dramas that resonate with global audiences. For example, the new K-drama 'Miss Night and Day', which is the story of a desperate woman whose sudden encounter with a cat makes her involuntarily switch between being in her 20s during the night and into her 50-year-old self during the day.

Interestingly, 'Miss Night and Day' doesn't restrict itself to being just a simple rom-com. An intriguing case of missing people adds an element of thriller to it. Lee Mi-jin (Jung Eun-ji) turns into Lim Sun (Lee Jung-eun), her missing aunt whose identity she is forced to adopt during the day.

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She is constantly juggling two lives and identities. As Sun, she has to deal with her prosecutor boss, Gye Ji-woong (Choi Jin-hyuk), who has his secrets. As Mi-jin, she can't help but feel overwhelmed by Gye and his kindness towards her.

It is interesting how all this chaotic plot seems to be holding a common thread linked to the missing cases in the region.

Both Jung Eun-ji of 'Reply 1997' fame and Jung-eun of 'Our Blues' fame are fantastic. The two are almost hand in glove as Mi-jin and Sun, and you can see why the director chose them for these roles. They fit together perfectly and justify the phrase of 'being ying to her yang'.

Writer Park Ji-ha depends a lot on the actor's ability to pull off slapstick with precise energy that doesn't feel overbearing. Despite the age difference, kudos to Jung-eun for bringing childlike energy to herself, which serves as an example of why she is one of the most-celebrated actors in South Korea.

Jin-hyuk as Gye balances the comedy with his seriousness and an endearing budding romantic side. He is the perfect notoriously infamous boss, who is like a coconut - hard on the outside but overtly sweet on the inside.

If the first eight episodes are anything to go by, the show is getting serious about addressing the crime and bringing a more nuanced romantic track for the lead pair. The timelines sometimes, however, can get convoluted. Also, how can the switching on and off between ages isn't noticed by a larger section?

There are a few loopholes to the narrative, but the star cast makes it work with their charming personalities and screen presence. It's a no-brainer which is more likely to make you chuckle and laugh in parts. The writing could have been crisper, but given where the track is now moving, we are not complaining.

'Miss Night and Day' is available on Netflix and has currently aired 8 episodes. New episodes drop every Saturday and Sunday.

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