Kristen Stewart is widely known for her role as Bella Swan in the "Twilight" series. This iconic part solidified her status as a household name, and it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role. However, when the first movie was being cast, Stewart faced stiff competition from several other actresses.

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It's been over a decade since Stewart starred alongside Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson in the popular young adult series. Now, she's set to return to the world of vampire dramas with Oscar Isaac in a thriller called "Flesh of the Gods." While this new project is promising, "Twilight" remains a defining moment in her career.

When the "Twilight" movies were in the making, the book series was already a massive hit, making the role of Bella highly coveted. Several Hollywood A-listers auditioned for the part, and four actresses have spoken out about being in the running. Interestingly, one of them was author Stephenie Meyer’s first choice, and another expressed relief at not being cast.

These actresses, who were considered for Bella Swan, bring to light the competitive nature of Hollywood auditions. Each of them had a chance to land the role that ultimately went to Kristen Stewart, and their reflections on the experience provide insight into the casting process for such a popular franchise.

Despite the competition, Stewart’s portrayal of Bella became iconic, and the "Twilight" series left a lasting impact on her career. The story of these auditions highlights how different the series could have been with another actress in the lead role.

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