Actor Vivek Oberoi recently opened up about his alternate career as a businessman. He said that he became an investor and focused on business when he was pushed into a corner in Bollywood, and his income from movies and events dried up.

"I entered business, before becoming an actor," Vivek told ABP Live. He added, "At the age of  15 I started a small 'dhandha' (business) because I had come from a boarding school and my father (Suresh Oberoi) gave me Rs 500 pocket money. I came from a boys' boarding school, saw beautiful girls in Mithibai college, wanted to take them out on dates. I was given Rs 5oo a month, but I used it all up in one date. My father scolded me, and asked me to use money judiciously, be more responsible. I was 15, my ego was hurt, and I told my mother that I didn't want my father's money, 'main khud sambhalunga' (I'll handle it myself). I stuck to it and didn't take money from my father, but I needed money to attend college, pay for tea and rickshaw travels. That's when I accidentally started working, did a small voice gig, compered shows and started earning a bit from there."

He then spoke about earning and saving enough money to go to the US for his further studies before he turned to acting. He said, "Once I started earning more I started investing in stock market, I trained with brokers for that. I started my stock market portfolio when I was 16- 17 (years old). Then I did some commodity trading. I was 19 when I first set up my business in Whitefield, Bangalore. I sold my stake at 21 and went to New York for further studies."

Vivek continued to invest in businesses even when he was at the top of his acting career. He shared, "I returned and became an actor, Company happened, Saathiya happened. Life was good, but I always wanted to start as an investor. However I ended up becoming an active businessman. It helped me."

Opening up about how he stopped getting acting jobs even after his work as an actor was critically appreciated, and filmmakers stopped offering him roles, he started focusing on his businesses more. The actor had previously, in an interview with, had opened up on how he faced a time in his career when he had no work despite delivering hits and powerful performances.

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"When I started struggling in Bollywood, when I started facing difficulties even after being a successful actor... I was facing challenges even after proving my skills, there was a different kind of pressure when I wasn't getting offered any films. That was my source of income -- I was running my house, charitable foundation with the money I earned through my business and acting in movies, doing events and making appearances, I paid my staff with it too," he shared.

Vivek shared that while his acting career was hanging in the air, it was his sound business sense that kept him afloat and made him financially secured and has invested in 29 companies up till now.

"I was running a school in Vrindavan, helping cancer patients, so when my income from movies started drying up, stopped getting roles, I knew I wouldn't be able to continue all these things. Philanthropy is a part of my life, and I needed to be financially secured, I never asked for money from anyone, I didn't ask my father, so I wouldn't ask anyone else either. That's when I started active business. Got into real estate, founded some companies, some technology companies grew very big. Today I have invested in around 29 companies," Vivek concluded.

On the work front, Vivek was last seen in Rohit Shetty's Indian Police Force with Shilpa Shetty and Siddharth Malhotra.

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