Kaka, the voice behind the hit track Billo Bagge Billeyan Da Ki Karengi, describes his latest single, Neend, as a modern twist on ghazals and kawalis. “I used to sing Kawalis during childhood. I liked their lyrics and composition,” he shares adding, “With this song, main chaahta tha ki woh modern bhi lage aur ghazal ya kawali bhi lage. I have focused a lot on the speed, tempo, and the lyrics to retain the emotion and make it in a way everyone understands the Punjabi used in it.”

Neend also showcases Kaka’s evolution as a songwriter. He shares that the dissatisfaction with lyrics the artistes around him were coming up, prompted him to take matters into his own hands, and he started crafting songs that reflects his personal style and emotions. “I have been singing for years, but when I wanted to release my own songs, I wasn’t impressed with the other people’s lyrics. Mujhe aisa lagta tha ki ismein ek do lines idhar udhar se uthaayi hui hain. That’s when I felt the need to write on my own songs. I feel good now when people see me as a writer too,” the 30-year-old tells us.

Reflecting on his journey to fame, Kaka says that rise he says has been gradual, shaped by his passion for music from a young age. “Nothing happened suddenly or overnight with one particular song. My mom and dad had an interest in listening to music so I think my journey started from there,” he recalls adding, “Later, I started singing in school and college, and then eventually wrote songs too. Ek chotta sa sitaara tha main college ka.”

Further, he shares that the pandemic provided him with the opportunity to delve deeper into music creation, giving rise to songs that resonated deeply with his audience.“When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, I got ample time because I was free and didn’t have to go anywhere,” he explains. Kaka reveals that this period allowed him to explore his talents further, leading to the creation of music that, while initially not intended for broad appeal, gained a special place in his listeners’ hearts.

Ask him about a potential foray into Bollywood much like artistes from Punjab who’ve lent their voices to innumerable tracks in Hindi films, he says: “I would be happy to. Woh do songs likhne ko bolenge, main chaar likhdunga. However, I don’t want to go from door to door asking for opportunities. I am in a good place, but if anything great comes along, then why not!”

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