As the monsoons have arrived in India and the rains are creating their own eerie soundtracks, it's time to cozy up with some spine-tingling laughter! This monsoon, we've brewed a perfect storm of horror-comedies that'll have you squealing with delight and shrieking with fright. Grab your cups of hot chocolate and warm cookies and prepare for a deluge of ghostly giggles with these five frighteningly funny flicks. From ghostly pranksters to witchy wisecracks, these five movies prove that when it comes to monsoon entertainment, nothing beats the perfect storm of horror and humor.

1. Kakuda [ZEE5]

The upcoming ZEE5 Original Kakuda offers up a delectably creepy feast of ghostly pranks and societal satire! In this horror-comedy, three endearing misfits—Riteish Deshmukh, Saqib Saleem, and Sonakshi Sinha—are followed as they become mixed up with a time-frozen village and its punctual poltergeist. Sunny (Saqib) and Indira (Sonakshi), a married couple, experience downturn in their marital bliss when they relocate to the cursed village of Ratodi. When Sunny neglects to open a small door for Kakuda on their wedding night at exactly 7:15 p.m., the ghost becomes enraged and curses Sunny, giving him a growing hump that will cause his death in thirteen days. The couple's last chance is brought into the picture by Victor (Riteish), an eccentric ghost hunter. This duo is forced to reevaluate their beliefs about tradition, love, and the true nature of terror as they square up against this ghostly troublemaker! Remember to watch Kakuda, which premieres exclusively on ZEE5 staring July 12.

2. Munjya

In this folklore-inspired horror-comedy, the past and present collide with hilarious and haunting consequencesSee. Set in the lush Konkan countryside, the story of Munjya, centers on a young man who, upon returning to his family home, unintentionally wakes a furious spirit that has an unusual marriage agenda. Munjya, born from a tragic 1952 incident involving young Gotya's ill-fated attempt at black magic, is the restless soul of a boy who died shortly after his thread ceremony. As our hapless hero unravels a long-buried family secret, he must protect himself and his love interest from Munjya's supernatural shenanigans. Director Aditya Sarpotdar masterfully blends atmospheric tension with uproarious humor, creating a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the protagonist bumbles through exorcisms and incantations. ‘Munjya’ serves up a perfect storm of spine-tingling chills and side-splitting laughter, proving that when facing childlike spirits with adult-sized vendettas, a good sense of humor might just be your best defense against things that go bump in the night.

3. Jhamkudi

Jhamkudi serves up a delightful blend of Gujarati folklore and modern humor, perfect for a spooky monsoon night. This horror-comedy, directed by Umang Vyas, transports viewers to the cursed village of Raniwada, where Navratri celebrations have been forbidden for generations due to the wrath of an evil witch. When the rules are broken, chaos ensues, forcing city slicker Bablo (a cunning real estate agent) and Kumud (an NRI royal heir) to confront the supernatural menace. Starring Manasi Parekh and Viraj Ghelani, the film weaves together laugh-out-loud moments with genuine scares as our unlikely hero’s race to break the curse. With its unique Gujarati flair and a stellar supporting cast including Sanjay Goradia and Ojas Rawal, ‘Jhamkudi’ proves that sometimes the best way to face your fears is with a healthy dose of laughter and a dash of garba spirit!

4. Chandramukhi 2 [Netflix]

Chandramukhi 2 brings a spine-chilling tale to life as a wealthy family moves into the haunted Vettaiyapuram palace. Raghava Lawrence takes on the lead role, who is presumably as a paranormal investigator or psychiatrist who gets caught up in the otherworldly mystery.Raghava Lawrence plays the lead role, likely as a psychiatrist or paranormal investigator drawn into the supernatural mystery. Kangana Ranaut stars as the titular Chandramukhi, a ghostly dancer whose spirit is awakened by the family's renovation of their ancestral temple. As eerie events unfold, the characters must confront the malevolent spirit of Vettaiyan and unravel the palace's dark history. Vadivelu reprises his role, providing comic relief amidst the horror. The film blends elements of horror, comedy, and traditional dance, exploring themes of possession and the clash between modernity and ancient curses. As the danger escalates, Lawrence's character must race against time to break the cycle of terror and put the restless spirits to rest before it claims more victims.

5. Stree [Disney + Hotstar]

Stree turns the tables on traditional horror tropes, serving up a wickedly clever blend of scares and social commentary. Set in the quaint town of Chanderi, this horror-comedy follows Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) and his friends as they confront a vengeful female spirit who hunts men during an annual festival. Director Amar Kaushik masterfully balances spine-tingling moments with sharp wit, as the town's males find themselves living in fear, adopting "women's safety measures" to protect themselves. Shraddha Kapoor adds mystery as an enigmatic newcomer, while the film cleverly subverts gender roles and tackles feminism through its supernatural premise. With its unique blend of folklore, humor, and social messaging, the film proves that sometimes the most effective way to address serious issues is through laughter and a few well-placed scares.

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