BLACKPINK's Lisa has made a triumphant return to the solo music scene with the release of her new song Rockstar on June 28 KST. Fans were thrilled to see the talented artist back with fresh music, and now there's even more excitement surrounding her comeback.

Recently, it was suspected that Lisa immortalised the memory of this comeback with a new tattoo. Park Gun Hye, the artist behind 8PTattoo, shared a video on Instagram and TikTok showcasing his latest work: the word "Rockstar" tattooed on a woman's forearm. Fans quickly speculated that the tattoo belonged to Lisa, given her known affinity for body art and her previous interactions with Park Gun Hye.

This isn't Lisa's first foray into tattoos. She already has several delicate designs, including a fairy, an edelweiss flower, and a half-butterfly, all of which she got in 2023. Earlier this year, she also revealed a tattoo with the word "LLOUD," following the same minimalistic, barely-there line art style that characterizes her body art.

Fans took to social media to express their admiration for Lisa's new tattoo. They praised the simplicity and elegance of the design and found it endearing that Lisa chose to commemorate her "Rockstar" comeback in such a personal way. The tattoo is seen as a reflection of her pride in her work and her connection to this significant moment in her career.

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