Filmmaker Ramesh Sippy recalled working with Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar on the film Shakti, and spoke about whether there was any difficulty wrangling the two megastars on set. Amitabh Bachchan was seen as Dilip Kumar successor, and the filmmaker recalled that the senior actor had nothing but kind things to say about Bachchan, who wasn't the first choice for the role.

Appearing on Arbaaz Khan's chat show The Invincibles Series, the veteran filmmaker, best known for directing the all-time Bollywood classic Sholay, addressed the rumours around Bachchan's casting in the film. Raj Babbar was initially supposed to play the role, but Sippy said, "One thought the role wasn't big enough." Without going into detail, he explained, "The overpowering factor was Dilip saab... But he himself offered his services, and he said, 'Yes, why not? Why can't I play...'"

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Describing it as the 'casting of the millennium', Arbaaz asked if it became difficult to manage the two stars on set. Sippy said that he would love to share juicy anecdotes about on-set clashes, but he didn't have any. In fact, they got along very well. While Arbaaz didn't immediately buy this and laughed in disbelief, Sippy continued, "I remember the last thing we shot was the sequence at the airport, where he shoots the son. Yusuf saab sat there in the room, and said, 'Ramesh, this has been a very fascinating experience. This young actor is so amazing. He never asks for anything, he's just there... They were talking very well of each other."

Although Dilip Kumar got along very well with Bachchan, he had an infamously volatile relationship with Raaj Kumar on the sets of the film Saudagar. Director Subhash Ghai has said in several interviews that he treated the two of them like children, while actor Prashant Narayanan recalled a flare-up that once brought the entire set to a standstill. He told Siddharth Kannan in an interview, “There was constant friction between the two actors and it was a crazy feeling because you’re in the middle of these two actors.”

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